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Pet Protection Tips, and Preventive Measures

**Pet protection aides can be found on Amazon for purchase. 

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              Coyote Vests, Collars & Harnasses

Protection for your pets can come in several forms. From vests & harnesses, whistles and airhorns, and enclosed outdoor spaces. Protect your pets from predators such as coyotes, racoons, birds of prey, and mountain lions. Here are some ideas & inspiration for creating safe spaces for pets, escape tunnels and/or ways to discourage predators from entering your yard or property. Pets DO NOT need to be imprisoned indoors in order to be kept safe. It is totally possible to allow them a bit of outdoor adventure while making them INACCESSIBLE to predators. When it comes to keeping your pets safe, time should not be a factor. It only takes a few seconds to put a vest or a SHORT leash on your fur baby! These vests are made of Kevlar and have spikes on the back of the jacket, and also on the collars.

                             Outdoor Pet Patios

Both cats and dogs can enjoy a sense of being outdoors with an enclosed patio. Creating a pet enclosure or patio is the purrfect solution to solve the indoor/outdoor dilemma and keep your pets safe, healthy and happy. Designed to complement your home and suit both your precious pooch or your feline’s fancy, our patios provide peace of mind knowing your pets are always safe, protecting them from wildlife.


                                Air Horns

Coyotes are known to be extremely skittish and are easily frightened and can often be scared by using methods of hazing, which involve making loud noises in the direction of a coyote or pack. The sound of a blast of an air horn will travel the distance to where the coyotes are located and be enough to spook the animals, and you don’t have to be anywhere near them. One of the signs of knowing that there are coyotes in your area is that they can be heard “yipping” or howling in a high-pitched manner. Often, hearing this means that the coyotes are nearby or in their pack’s den. If you are close enough to hear coyotes “yipping’, then you should be within distance to use an air horn. The sound blast of an air horn will travel the distance to where the coyotes are located and be enough to spook the animals.

                                    Wolf Urine

Coyotes are scary, but wolves are even scarier, and coyotes are terrified of wolves! If they smell wolf urine and think their may be any are in the area, they will flee. Simply apply wolf urine around the  yard and garden to create the illusion that wolves are present in the area. Wolf Urine will not harm the environment or plants.

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Pet Booties

During the hot summer months, your fur babies paw pads can easily burn. During the cold winter months, they are prone to freezing. Please protect their precious paws with protective coverings. 

Doggie Door Enclosures

So many of us use doggie doors to allow our pet friends to easily access going outdoors to “potty” or just run free. Unfortunately, if you are in a pet predator demographic, what you might not realize is that predators such as coyotes, WILL come inside your home through these doggie doors, and steal your beloved pet right out from under your roof where you thought your babies were safe.  Installing an outdoor pet kennel enclosure around your doggie door will still allow your pets to access an outdoor bathroom area, while keeping them safe from predators. 

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